Anti-colonial month 2020
Invitation for comrades, collectives and organizations

Our goal is to connect and amplify the colonised and marginalised, to share strategies for organising and visions for the future. We want to offer a platform and space for activists in anticolonial struggles around the world to meet online. We also aim to link struggles between regions and metropoles, and to form common goals.

Last year, the launching of the Anticolonial Month in Berlin garnered astounding reach both in online space and physical attendance. The forums and workshops focusing on themes within the framework of anticolonial discourse were very well attended, with attendees and speakers alike highly engaged in discussions and debates. It culminated in one of the biggest migrant and people of color demonstrations in Berlin, which also coincided with the demonstration of Kurdish people against the Turkish invasion of Rojava.

This year we are continuing the work that has started last year, which deemed to carry out activities that strengthen, articulate and make visible the work of immigrants in Berlin, the current capital of European imperialism, in an anti-colonial perspective.

The anti-colonial month this year starts on the 10/10 with the anti-Columbus kundgebung with infostands that is being organized by Latin Americans, from 14h to 18h ( and will go until the 15/11 (date of the Berlin conference when Africa was divided among european countries).

Due to the limitations imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, most of the activities this year will be carried out online. These activities and events will be in the form of lectures, forums or online workshops. In this regard, we are inviting all interested organisations to propose activities and send us so we can add to the calendar, popularize it through our platform and networks. In the end, we will do an assembly to discuss the process.

We propose some thematic axes for the different weeks of the anticolonial month, these are transversal themes that can unite the agenda of different collectives:
– Indigenous peoples and the struggle for ancestral territories
– Incarceration and state violence
– Racial capitalism and migration
– Repression exports: arms exports and military training

October 12: The Day Resistance Began in Latin America

Today, in October 2020, we are fighting and demonstrating against the colonialism that is still in force and that started on October 12, 1492 when the Spanish crown invaded Abya Yala and the Global North understood that, in order to consolidate itself as an economic power, it had to develop a socio-political model of domination and oppression over others.  Today, in October 2020, the Global North is still colonial when its economic relationship with the Global South is based on an extractive economic model where multinational corporations appropriate natural resources through mining, hydroelectric power plants and transnational agriculture. A model that benefits only a few and destroys the lives of those who inhabit the territories of the Global South. A model that, in disagreement with respect for nature, ravages ecosystems and threatens the ways of life of indigenous peoples who, despite everything, continue to resist. Thus, this model ends up favouring an unsustainable way of life that is on the verge of destroying the planet.  Today, in October 2020, the Global North is still colonial when it advices governments of the Global South to repress social movements and establish regimes of terror against marginalized, indigenous and black populations. The fact that economic and political elites in countries such as Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, France and the United States provide police cooperation and profit from arms exports to states in the Global South means that these countries in the Global North are promoting war, the genocide of poor and racialized populations, the brutal repression of popular protest, the criminalization of social movements, and the persecution and assassination of social leaders.

Today, in October 2020, the Global North – and in particular the European Union – remains colonial when it does not take into account the consequences of its expansionist, extractive and imperialist policy that forces people to migrate. Even if some states of the Global North have adhered to the Marrakech Migration Pact signed in December 2018, where the right to migrate is recognized as a human right, this in practice does not coincide with the conditions that many of us migrants have to endure in order to have access to a dignified life, in addition to the flagrant denial of fundamental citizen and social rights. The pandemic has made it clearer than ever that essential life-sustaining work is being done in Europe by migrants, many of whom are considered “illegal”. Far from recognising the essence of migrant work, European states are persecuting and criminalising these sectors, where racialised women are in the majority in care work. We are outraged that in the Global North goods can move freely, but people cannot. Therefore, we join the campaign #Legalisierungjetzt and demand the permanent and unconditional legalisation of people without residence documents in Germany. Today, in October 2020, we denounce colonialism, because we see more than ever that it is not only a past historical period, but also violent structures and practices with which the elites of the Global North oppress the peoples of the Global South. Even within Europe, there is a colonial relationship that is reproduced between countries of the North against the peoples of the South and the East of the continent, as well as internally against racialized people. Today, we fight against colonialism because we want a world built on internationalist solidarity, where social justice prevails. 

In October 2019, the peoples of Latin America rose up against the voracity of neoliberal capitalism and the anti-popular attacks of right-wing governments. We repudiate the fact that the right-wing in the region is being strengthened by economic, military and diplomatic resources that circulate in transnational pro-market networks made up of think-tanks and entities that respond to the interests of global financial capitalism. The interference of the European Union in ratifying its support for the coup leaders Juan Guaidó in Venezuela and Jeanine Añez in Bolivia reveals, once again, the colonial face of Europe. Against this disastrous background, the historical spark of the popular struggles in our lands shows us the combative path of hope. The indigenous strike in Ecuador against the adjustment measures imposed by the IMF and Moreno’s government, the social outburst in Chile against chronic neoliberalism, the popular resistance in Bolivia against the violent coup d’état and the national strike in Colombia against the precarisation of life fill us with strength to continue the struggle from all corners. 

October is today more than ever the anti-colonial month. It is the month where we commemorate the historical and current resistances. October is the month of solidarity between the peoples who resist and the migrants who struggle and organise themselves for a dignified life. October is redder than ever, more resistant than ever. October is when the resistance started! 

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